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Have you ever stopped to consider the life of a circus animal: chained, caged, forced to live in cramped and totally unsuitable housing, and hauled from town to town in a “beast wagon”? Regardless of the number of generations that wild animals have been in captivity, captive-born wild animals do not lose the instincts and needs of wild animals. They retain their natural instincts to socialise and to roam freely. Circuses deny captive-born wild animals of their need to exhibit their natural behaviours.

Our mission:

Working together with RSPCA QLD and Animal Liberation QLD, our mission is to expose the psychological and physical suffering of all animals in circuses and to educate the public about the truth of behind-the-scenes training methods, housing, and transportation; to dispel the myths that animal circuses are educational; and to achieve statewide bans on the use of all animals in circuses, bringing Australia into line with a host of other enlightened nations which have already done so.